Content Copy Protection by CopyPoison

How does it work?

CopyPoison protects your website's content by "poisoning" the copied text. The extension replaces most of the word's letters with symbols from other alphabets. The result is visually the same text, but unreadable for search engines.

For example, the word "copy" will be encrypted by replacing the first three letters with the Cyrillic alphabet. The result is "сору". There is no visual difference but the second word is meaningless for search engines. Test by copying text from this webpage.

Original text

Poisoned text (no visual difference)

Why not just disable right click?

Our goal is not to stop copying of the text. It's not possible to prevent text from copying in the digital millennium. Right-click and mark disabling do not work. That's why we are poisoning the copied result by making it meaningless for search engines.

The scrapper is publishing garbage on his website without suspecting anything. Search engines will not rank this kind of "poisoned" content. Backlink to the original is automatically added. Your articles are safely protected and even boosted.

What about legitimate users?

CopyPoison loads only upon a copy event. It is poisoning only text with a length of more than 150 symbols. Text containing programming code is not poisoned. The goal is to not interrupt the user experience. Your users will still be able to copy small pieces of text and use them in search engines, for example.


Place the following code in the <head> section of your website:


WordPress extension is also available here.

The script works on all Latin-based languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and so on.
It also works on all Cyrillic-based languages: Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, etc., by changing characters with Latin.


You can change script behavior via data-* attributes, added to the <script> tag:

Attribute Expected Type Default Value Description
data-length Number 150 Poison copied text with a length over data-length characters.
data-link Boolean true Change to false if you do not want backlink to source.
data-prefix Text {empty} Add text before the backlink. For example: "Source: "
data-suffix Text {empty} Add text after the backlink.

Support Us

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